Exchange Traded Funds


Similar to stocks, an exchange-traded fund is a form of investment fund that is also traded or exchanged on the stock market. These also include assets from stocks to bonds and typically trade near the same overall worth. They are[...]

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A bond is a form of debt security, where the issuer (or debtor) borrows a defined amount of money from the lender (or creditor) for a fixed term. When the bond reaches maturity (the date at which the loan ends),[...]

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Hedge Funds


A hedge fund is a type of investment fund that is actively managed by a private party. Hedge funds are a source of investment for various markets, instruments, and strategies. They fall under the jurisdiction and regulations of the country[...]

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Futures Trading


Futures trading is the process of buying or selling some predetermined asset at a mutually-agreed upon price. This agreement is called a futures contract and it is paid out on a specified delivery date, which is usually in the future.[...]

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529 Plans


A 529 Plan is a form of investment, with certain tax advantages, that is directed towards providing the recipient of the plan financial security regarding costs of attending university or college. Currently there exist two kinds of plans. One kind[...]

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FHA Loans


An FHA loan is a loan used to buy a home, and is insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). An FHA loan can be considered as a form of financial assistance from the federal government, helping low-income individuals with[...]

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Construction Loans


A construction loan is a short-term loan that is used primarily for homeowners or real estate developers to build property if they do not have the proper capital to build it. Most of these loans last up to a year,[...]

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Reverse Mortgages

Three Money Houses

A reverse mortgage is a form of a loan that enables home owners to obtain cash by securing the loan against their home’s equity. The home owner may access the home’s equity in a lump sum payment or by monthly[...]

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Second Mortgages


A mortgage is basically an agreement; if you fail to perform an agreed upon duty, you have to give up an interest in something. For example, if you fail to repay your home loan, you have to give up your[...]

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Home Mortgages


Mortgages, or mortgage loans as they are officially titled, are loans where the security is real estate. In other words, a mortgage pledges a piece of property as collateral for a loan. Mortgages are documented through mortgage notes, which act[...]

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