Bad Credit


A bad credit score is typically given a value less than 620 according to FICO, a leading credit score provider. A value of 620 or less hampers one’s ability to be eligible for major loans and lines of credit. There[...]

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Identity Theft Protection


Identity theft occurs when an unauthorized individual accesses someone else’s personal identity and pretends to be that individual. This usually occurs in matters regarding finances, such as signing up for services using someone’s social insurance number, or by withdrawing money[...]

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Estate Tax

personalFinance-inheritence- 147336558

In the United States, a system called the Unified Gift and Estate tax is implemented. Much like the name suggests estate tax falls into this category. Estate taxes are levied when the estate of a deceased person is transferred to[...]

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There are many factors at play in a trust. A trust is a relationship where one party benefits from property being held by another. A trust often involves three parties, one who initially transfers property to another (the settlor), one[...]

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Tax Preparation Services


Tax preparation refers to the act of preparing a tax return, and includes both returns prepared by the individual tax payer, as well as those prepared by a professional third party, such as an accountant or attorney. Because of the[...]

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401k Plans


The term 401(k) refers to a specific type of defined contribution pension plan account in the United States. It is referred to as a 401(k) account as that is the section of the Internal Revenue Code which stipulates the legal[...]

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